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Standard products on stock

You need cable glands, protection caps and  plugs or plastic screws?


CENA produces more than 2.000 different parts out of thermoplast, all available from stock. Caps and plugs for protection, or plastic scews and nuts to DIN ..., and also cable gands, locknuts, soft plugs...

Free samples can be placed in our shop.



We only supply commercial consumer.



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Special Parts with injection moulding


You did not found the right product?

We are constantly developing new products.
If you still have not found the right one, please get in touch with us.
If required, we will develop and produce a new product for your individual application.


Development of plastic parts

CENA plug-in fitting gland, no assembly tools needed
The front assembly of the gland is easy and fast.
Through the inserted "dowel" the  gland fits perfect
ly and can be removed easily without special tools. 



New product-group: Protection caps with pull-off tabs

Our new caps have a circulated inside-groove and are suitable for tube ends, hoses and bolts.
Through the pull-off tab it is very easy to disassembly the cap.

If you should have not found the right size, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We would be glad to find a solution for your needs.

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