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Plastic screws

With us you will find the right plastic screw -  for every application.

Plastic screws made of high quality material have a versatile use.
You can find them amongst others in the medical technology, food technology and  electrical engineering.
They are frequently the solution when conventional screws of metal are not suitable for example when despite external influences, such as wetness, a high reistance and elasticity is required.

Platic screws of CENA are by default made of Polyamid 6.6 (PA6.6).
By request we can also deliver our products in special materials such as crystal clear PC, PP, PVDF oder PPS.

Why Polyamid 6.6 (PA6.6)?

Polyamid 6.6 belongs to the thermoplastic resins. It is compareable with Polyamid PA 6  - however with better mechanical properties:
Polyamid 6.6  has a higher heat disortion temperature (till 85 °C) and a lower water absorption.
Whereby the good damping features the plastic is well-suited for machine parts with heavy duty.

Plastic screws  of CENA are available as cheese head screws, lens head screws, hexagon head screws, flat headed screw with cross slot, countersunk head screws with slitz/ cross recess and countersunk head screw with cross recess/ slit.

Cheese head screws and  clamping screws:

Our cheese head screws similar to DIN 84 / EN ISO 1207 and clamping screws  similar to  DIN 85 / EN ISO 1580  are available in the thread sizes M2,5, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 in different thread lenghts. The delivery time of this screws in the standard colour nature is 3 working days.

Hexagon head screw:

In our range we have hexagon head screws  DIN 34810 similar to  DIN 933 / DIN EN 24017 / DIN ISO 4017. Screws with a thread size  from M 10 x 50 are glass reinforced. Every packet contains 100 or 200 pieces.

Flat headed screw with  cross recess:

Flat headed screws with cross recess DIN 24812 similar to  DIN 7985 / EN ISO 7045 are available in thread sizes M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 - deliverable in packets with 100 or 200 pieces.

Countersunk head screws and countersunk screws with slit / cross recess:

Further  alternatives of  plastic screws in our product range are countersunk head screw with slit/cross recess similar to  DIN 963 / EN ISO 2009 and countersunk screws with cross recess / slit smilar to  DIN 965 / DIN 34811 EN ISO 7046. These are available in the thread sizes M3, M4, M5 und M6 with different thread lenghts.

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